Baror International is a literary agency based in New York specializing in the international and domestic representation of literary works in both fiction and non-fiction ranging in genre including commercial fiction, literary titles, science fiction, fantasy, young adult and more.

Our 300+ clients are published in over 50 countries and include New York Times bestsellers, Wall Street Journal bestsellers, Hugo Award winners, Edgar Award winners, Publisher's Weekly bestsellers etc. In addition to receiving numerous awards and honors, many of our titles have been made into major motion pictures (including The Bourne Identity, The Day After Tomorrow, The Minority Report etc.), miniseries and TV series.

We are committed to developing and maintaining our author's careers on an individual basis - managing their literary works as a whole and providing all necessary services needed in order to flourish on every level. This full-service approach continually attracts authors, agencies and publishers to our agency.


Representing Agencies, Authors and Publishers for Over 30 Years